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Gary & Kathi Sikich: Team Success!
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Our Shaklee Story 

Have you ever been AMAZED?  We have!

Our experience with Shaklee began with Kathi’s desperate desire to regain her health.  In 2001 she was diagnosed with cancer.  After successful surgery, chemo, radiation, and medicine, she knew that the toll taken on her body was great and required something extra, something special, in order to heal completely and to feel better.

After researching nutrition and supplementation, she knew that she needed to start a good supplementation program.  After months of trying vitamins from the grocery store and from the mall, she found that she was still in constant pain and still exhausted.  For some reason, she thought a family cruise to the Caribbean would be helpful!  And it was, but not in a way you might expect…

The cruise was awesome and we all had a great time. On the last day of the cruise we had breakfast next to a Wellness Coach who recommended products from a company called Shaklee.  That's exactly what Kathi needed!  (What that a coincidence, or was it a God-incidence?!)  We had never heard of Shaklee before, so Kathi began researching the company and was amazed with its long history, integrity, and emphasis on science and quality, and decided to try a multiple vitamin strip and a protein drink.  It wasn’t too long after starting the products that Kathi noticed a distinct difference in how she felt.  In fact, she felt so amazing and was so impressed with the products and the company that she began sharing Shaklee with others and started receiving “thank you checks” from Shaklee.

Meanwhile, Gary was a bystander (or as some would say -the “doubting spouse”) regarding Shaklee products and the business.  That is, until a day when HE needed more energy.  Then, he too, discovered the Shaklee Difference.   He had a noticeable increase in energy – physically and mentally.

Now we are both are enjoying the health and wealth that Shaklee has brought us.  We get great enjoyment out of coaching others to help them improve their health and to start their own home businesses, if they desire.

We are so glad that someone shared Shaklee with us, and we hope that you are glad that someone shared Shaklee with you, too.  In fact, above all, our goal is to help YOU however we can.